You have made it, now finally we are one step closer to being able to enjoy one another's company. Patronage reflects my low volume status as an elite companion, and the quality of the encounter. As a busy student I prefer to have a small, select group of friends. I am always on time, well-dressed, groomed and professionally fun. But first, allow me to explain a few fundamentals of our encounter..

Donation Types

If the donation is in cash larger bills are preferred.

If the donation is by credit there is a +2.85% convenience fee and is only used for time extension with existing friends.

Bitcoin is Accepted from new and existing friends.

You travel to me:

Private, comfortable, all amenities provided, plenty of free parking and discreetly located in an upscale location.

I travel to you:

Hotels must be 4 stars or higher. I don't wear flashy high heels or clothing to shorter (3 hrs or less). I will have something luxurious underneath and fun assortments packed in my handbag. Discretion. (;

If you invite me to your private residence I must have a place to park my vehicle. If you are concerned your neighbors will see the vehicle please send me a deposit for an Uber ride.

Encounters of 4 hours or longer must have outside time included.

Overnights require at least 8 hours of quality sleep. 


Negotiation and lewd conversation are not tolerated and will result in blocking. I offer all inclusive hourly rates


Within 5 minutes of meeting please place the envelope in the bathroom, and I will excuse myself. I take into account your preference and have a HUGE variety of styles in clothing, shoes, tights, lingerie, and toys for any occasion or preference. 


Please add 25% to donation.

BDSM and Dom/sub

Meetings must be politely notified after screening but before meeting as I like to prepare for an excellently crafted encounter and be mentally prepared to be the Dom. I have a great selection of toys for our use. I like to practice watering my garden and have a great taste in sports.

Fly Me to You and Flight Booking

Travel expenses in addition to the donation with a 50% deposit. I will have my flights booked and send you the details. Delta gift cards or another payment method can be arranged.

Domestic USA Flights: Must be 4 hours+ booking and notified 3+ days in advance. 

International flights: my passport is well stamped and always looking for additions. I must be notified a week+ in advance and booking must be for 1 day or more.


For anything extremely atypical or messy consider double my hourly rate. I have an open mind to almost anything. However, keep in mind that although my friendliness is key to sharing quality time together, I do not offer explicit submissiveness, haematophilia, gor or anything involving other people that are not in clear and explicit consent. For ideas on what atypical comprises, use your best judgement and come prepared with the amount just incase. Examples: literally covering in honey, extreme sports, crossdressing and haircuts. Things like spitting etc are not considered extreme and are included in the normal rate. Any emails on what extreme means will be referred back to this page.

All inclusive meetings, and no additional up-charges.

I do not offer up-sells for specific time as this detracts from the encounter. My hourly rate is the same for all of your needs. Which means that you get what you want. Every. Single. Time. No asking, negotiating, or questioning - just experiencing.

*Previously seen guests are grandfathered in. 

By contacting me and visiting this site you are acknowledging and aware that: My donations are strictly for my time and companionship; Anything that happens between two consenting adults is a matter of personal preference. 

1 hour Greeting
1.5 hour Treat
2 hours Preferred for new friends
3 hour Exploration
Additional hour after 4 hours
14 hour Overnight
4000 (3500 if 70% of time is judicious)
24 hour All Inclusive Retreat
Inquire for monthly arrangements