Plan a Date

"Act now. There is never any time but now, and there never will be any time but now." Wallace Wattles

Please choose one of the following methods to include within the booking form. 


1. Provide a LinkedIn account or a professional site that has your name, occupation and photo.

2. Next, send an email to (OR a generic email is available per request) from your professional account. It can be about buying a dog or getting a hair cut, it's your choice.

Personal Screening

Email a photo of you holding your valid photo ID/passport. You may cover up your address and ID number. But your full name, ID photo, and actual face must be visible. This is used for a background check.

 Provider References/P411

 Two or more provider references. Please provide a link to their profile, as well as their email address. Include all identifying information (working name, email, phone number, place of meeting) by which they will know you. 

*I require a basic ID check upon meeting. This is simply to show me that you are who I verified.

Your information is never kept after verification.