"When Im good, Im very good. But when Im bad Im better." -Mae West

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As much as a can attest to my passion for the male psyche and physical form, there is nothing more beautifully enduring -savoring almost- as a woman's presence. What I love the most is not the curves of her back or the dimples near her derrière, nor is my lust for her flushed pink smooth lips as great as my selfishly driven passion to take over her every need and desire. In the spirit of the moment I find my sense of domination to be exasperated as my hand reaches to feel her plump but small chest as my lips and tongue are planted rhymically onto her feminine cache. I hear her breathing deepen as I take my body to her pace I sense her urge to let her mind and body go and give herself to me.. This is what I passionately adore. I love to watch as we feel the sensations. Watching the movements of divine lust at the cusps of pleasure..

I like to think that being passionate about what one does goes a long way. Let me take you on that sensational ride.. men, woman, and couples.