Sugar Babies, Escorts, Elite Escorts.. Which is the better deal? A women's version.

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For many of us, men and woman alike, we have seen a consistent trend that "sugaring" is being turned into a sort of cheap escort service by desperate men- especially in Minneapolis. So what is a sugar baby? A sugar baby is a girl usually in some sort of college program, or single mom struggling to pay the bills such as: daycare, their mortgage, or tuition bills. The ideology that sugaring is not sw is a lie. As the saying goes.. 'something is never given for nothing,' of which in context of sugaring, hints of the idea of a woman (or man) that gives money to their "baby" will most definitely expect much, much, more than conversation in return.. The aspect of sugaring that bothered me most was that the men are there in front of you expecting far more than they ever pay for such as your time, sacrificing your health/safety by not using safe methods, your appearance, your thoughts, your heart, while not caring about your personal life and expecting you to mold into their lives and timeline.

Like many other women, the switch from sugaring to escorting was not a hard decision to make. In fact, the "sugar" daddies or should I say salt daddies were obviously expecting an escort situation when they would contact me. Using language such as, PPM which means pay per meet. Some even quoted me cash values. The main reasons that sugaring is not better than escorting are that sugaring is #1 unsafe (no screening for POT or potential sugar daddies, #2 unsanitary (Almost ALL SUGAR DADDIES EXPECTED less protections). More on point #2, the last salt daddy that I was with wanted to avoid using safety. He was arguing with me for 5 minutes begging to not use anything at all and I snapped. I said to him, "Look do you really want me to ** others without such protection too?! If you are not okay with using such than you can leave." He obviously needed some perspective into the situation! I will always use a premium variety of protection. Lastly, #3 sugaring is a start into a milder form of sw but sadly is not a viable long term option. 

In contrast, an independent high-end escort is a sophisticated, educated, put together woman that makes her schedule to her liking and often has a successful career in the "real" world. An elite escort decides who she sees, when she sees them, and is able to stay safe by screening for criminals, legal aggressors and/or dangerous psychopaths. The choice to be a high class courtesan seems to me to be the better deal. I am better able to serve my friends that book with me and fit our meeting to their liking.. with all of my toys! (;

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