A Dialog on Good Escorts and Encounters

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Elite escort clients come to me in search of things unspoken. Some seek me out as an understanding friend, a teacher, a confidant, a secret accomplice, an untrained physciatrist, others choose to visualize me as a working girl whom they own for the moment or want to imagine as their property (Yes, this has been said). Yet through every encounter one thing remains reasonably true: communication is important. We communicate everyday for various reasons, why should our time together stand to be any different. Communication works to fulfill everyone's need to feel satisfied, respected, and appreciated. Without communication we are off course from one another's satisfaction, far away from the equilibrium we all deeply desire to feel. 

That being said, through out my time with my lovely client friends, it has been made clear to me that we all do not share the same standards when it comes to bookings. Stories have been shared with me regarding other escorts that advertise themselves as elite escorts, yet they leave a few minutes after they arrive on a 3 hour booking (which is theft by the way), or they are not the lady in the photograph or their photos were taken years ago. The point is that there are some very, I mean very basic rules to a brilliant encounter. I take no side when writing this as I believe in good services to be provided by all for the sake of good economics... i.e. more quality supply = more quality and satisfied clients= increased demand for quality services (; My expectations are that:

Before they/he arrive:

Light some candles, 

Take a bubble bath, 

Put on your fanciest lingerie 

Freshen up your face, with light mascara, eyeliner, and brighten your lips,

Clean your surroundings, 

At the very least do not be drunk, or 'on' anything

When they/he arrives: 

Offer him a glass of something (water, scotch, whiskey, vodka tonic, champagne) 

Offer him a shower, and a nicely folded, fresh, clean towel.

Show your appreciation for her (The sky is the limit on this one, I've been gifted everything from hard drives, and lamps, to brilliant necklaces, and AP Lingerie.) 

Show your respect for his effort, and ask him what he is intending to accomplish, what his preferences are,  if it is the first time the two of you are meeting. 

Actually listen to what he has to say and actively encourage his intended wants, within your boundaries of course. 

When the time is up: 

Genuinely note to him that you had a wonderful time (Assuming your boundaries were not crossed)

Genuinely thank her for the lovely time together (Assuming you asked for and received what you wanted)

No leaving early, showing up late, or forgetting to shower, on either sides and showing appreciation and respect for one another's company. Accumulates into multiple successful encounters, and many happy friends. 


Kate of Minneapolis