“Life is short. Write naked.” ― A.D. Posey

Mentorship -An Intensive Instruction- New/Current Independent Escorts

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I have experienced what it was like going to those first few appointments, being unsure of a situation, worrying about making a mistake when screening a client, or getting into a pickle. Luckily, I too found a fellow working mentor when I first started.

 I am here to help guide current/soon to be industry workers in understanding the complexity of this industry and the best approach for their needs.Trial and error is not a good way to approach this industry as there are many risks. It is more efficient to have a plan, and the resources that I will expose. Just as my mentor offered to me, I want to help you. I enjoy helping others set, plan, and achieve their business goals.

I offer a rational approach to increasing your efficiency and maximizing your goal achievement, safely and sanely. I am a trained expert at dealing with unruly clients, and setting up the perfect business for you. From attaining regular clients, to getting out of your comfort zone, and staying safe in the process.

This is a mentorship designed to fulfill your knowledge in key ways that determine your success. Unlike other mentorship programs we will determine: your current situation, goals, anticipated industry timeline, the best advertising platforms, maintaining client relationships, screening, hiring your first assistant, website presentation, reputation management and other questions. Please complete the light screening and add additional links/ads you would like me to review before our meeting.

*Hard Qualifications: Financial business degree with advanced financial planning strategies and Mathematics.

*Disclaimer: I do not offer booking services, location rentals, or any ‘actionable’ advice. I offer a story telling, questionnaire 'formatted' discussion between two parties. The donation can be 500 for one hour of intensive training and the obtainment of knowledge regarding advanced security techniques and

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Are your photos real?

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There are many approaches to answering this question.

First of all, of course my photos are real. Any lady with an extensive website, good reviews and active online profiles, with new content makes her legitimate.

I use professional images that may look photoshopped but that is in fact my legitimate body type and image. I use professional photos to showcase the quality and value that I offer.

Do you think that I would have been escorting for months with bad inaccuracy with regard to my pictures? Do you think my reviews would have said something about that? Sir, my pictures are as accurate as they come. If anything, I have been told I look better than my photos.

The fact is that I am 19 and therefore I do not need nor use photo editing so What’s the point? I only blur my face. Nothing else. Here are a few casual shots, taken by me for you. Relish in the believe and true knowledge that my long blonde hair and toned 19 y.o. exterior are what you deeply wish to enjoy. (; 

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Sugar Babies, Escorts, Elite Escorts.. Which is the better deal? A Mans Version.

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So you think you want a sugar baby? Do you want to be blackmailed? Do you want your wife to see your sugar babies Instagram with the photos of her half, if not fully nude, taken in your backyard? Do you want to have to solely support a girl, and have her rely on you 24/7, 365, while she actually loves her boyfriend at college? Do you expect to have a lawyer on call 24/7 to deal with the potential issues of her mental instabilities, or psycho ex boyfriend? Are you yourself unstable and unwilling to spend huge amounts of time on getting her to sleep with you? 

In my experience, and after talking with multiple sugar daddies and their lives. The question transitions from, 'what is the better deal: Sugar Babies, Escorts, or Elite Escorts' to what is the safest alternative to enjoy your downtime and relax?  

Dont get me wrong, I have had great experiences but those men were celebrities, distinguished men, successful business men, neurologists, Investors, all high up in their fields of work. The point is that I have experienced stories where pregnancy, blackmail and jealously arise and the downsides may quickly outweigh the temporary positives. Drama, drama and more drama. 

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Vacation in the Mountains

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It’s a quarter to eleven and the bright Colorado sun flashes onto my excited skin. The wonders of a new adventure loom as I pick up my pace and arrive at the station to depart unto the great Colorado wilderness. 

More content coming soon..

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